Meet forever learner, Loree Propheter. Loree has been with Think Together for 16 years and currently serves as a quality assurance coach in the San Gabriel Valley region. In her region and across Think Together, she is known for staying positive through change, being a team player, and often going above and beyond to provide support. Although she is considered a “veteran”, Loree is always open to learning new things and adapting to be the best leader she can be. We are excited to give you the opportunity to learn more about Loree! 

What is your Think Together “why?” 

My “why” has always been the students. I grew up in an era when there weren’t any afterschool programs. Growing up, I observed many of my peers engage in not-so-healthy choices. I feel that if they had been given access to outlets like Think Together in after school hours, their outcomes may have been different. 

 What is one thing you are proud of your team accomplishing this school year?  

My team of amazing site coordinators creates opportunities for students year-round! My team has hosted middle school dances, facilitated field trips for our high school students, and led exciting fun Friday activities. Parents and students echo their appreciation for the Think Together program daily. 

Is there a student story that has stuck with you? 

When I was a substitute program leader at Torch Middle School, there was a group of young ladies that loved the program. They even dressed as program leaders for Halloween. Years later I was working as a site coordinator in Baldwin Park when I received a call from our staffing team. One of those students had applied to work for Think Together! When asked her reason for applying, she said it was because she loved being in the program as a student and the staff she interacted with. It was such a full-circle moment that has stayed with me over the years! 

What part of your weekly work routine gives you the most joy right now? 

My favorite part of the week is visiting our programs and seeing the hard work, systems, routines, and student engagement in action! When I go onto a school site, I am reminded of the true impact we have on the students, parents, and community. 

What advice would you give yourself when you started with Think Together 16 years ago? 

To enjoy the little moments and to highlight them in your memory. I would tell myself that these moments will get you through the harder days. 

What are the professional goals you are hoping to accomplish in 2023? 

Perfecting my craft! I am a forever learner and love growing in my leadership capacity. 

Outside of work, what do you do for fun?  

Enjoying time with family and friends.