Early Learning Programs

Think Together Early Learning Programs combine the developmental, linguistic, academic, and multicultural approaches to learning. The program provides learning experiences that encourage the development of the whole child. Our goals and objectives are to provide a classroom and play yard to meet the developmental needs of the children to promote creativity, exploration, and growth. Meeting all domains by setting expectations and planning activities in Language and Literacy, Cognitive, Social-Emotional, Physical, and English Language will be the basis for student success.
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Parent Education Program

In Collaboration with the City of Santa Ana; the Revive Santa Ana is a comprehensive COVID-19 pandemic recovery initiative designed to deliver both short-term and long-term health, financial, educational, and other support to the Santa Ana community. Think Together helps parents be their child’s first teacher, role model & playmate. In the classroom, parents will often bond with others. Knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. Children will experience being in a classroom for the first time. Which will give them the opportunity to interact with other children their age. Learn concepts of Literacy, Math, and Social-Emotional.

Early Learning Partners

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