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Why Partner with Think Together?

Partnering with Think Together can close the gap between community and business.

More than ever, consumers are paying attention to a company’s mission and values.

When consumers think a brand has a strong purpose, they are 4.5 times more likely to champion the company and recommend it to friends and family. 

What does a partnership with Think Together look like?


Career Panel, Field Trip or Internship Site

Think Together’s mission is to prepare students for success in college and career. That starts with awareness and we depend on industry partners to show our students what pathways are available to them. Participate in a career panel or a learning activity at a school site. Host a field trip at your business. Or provide a 10-week unpaid internship opportunity at your company. We’ll discuss opportunities with you and find one that fits!

Walk/Cycle/Golf or Giving Day

People value companies and organizations that give back to their communities. We’ll work with you to create an engaging and compelling group opportunity. Host a walk-a-thon at the beginning of a staff development day. Designate a specific day or event to promote and support public education company-wide. Or name Think Together the beneficiary at a professional conference or association meeting. Change the odds as a team!


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