Early Learning

Fewer than half of low-income students have access to quality early childhood education.  One in three children enter kindergarten lacking the basic pre-reading and math skills which are proven to be a key factor in determining high school graduation and lifelong success.

Through the generosity of the Orange County Children and Families Commission, THINK Together’s Early Learning Programs are now countywide and poised to serve more than 57,000 youth and families in 2011-2012. Programs serve children ages 0 to 5 and their parents and use highly cost-effective, evidence-based tools to ensure young children have basic literacy, vocabulary and math skills to prepare them for kindergarten.  THINK Together’s program also includes physical activities (CATCH for Preschool) and science activities to encourage curiosity and critical thinking.

The Reach Out and Read program supplies clinics and pediatrician’s offices with a volunteer who reads to young children and educates parents about the importance of reading out loud while they are waiting to see the doctor. Books are kept in the clinic or office and replaced frequently to ensure a variety of reading materials. Augmented Raising a Reader focuses on language development, Kindergarten Readiness (including math and science concepts), and parent education (how to parent your child and how to participate in your child’s education). The program provides a rotation of book bags for families so they can continue to support learning activities at home.