Meet our 2023 Faces of the Future

This April, Think Together announced the three Faces of the Future Scholarship awardees at its Raise A Hand For Education Benefit. Thanks to funding from Pioneer Circuits Inc. Think Together was able to award a $10,000 scholarship to Abraham, $7,500 to Liliana, and $5,000 scholarship to Aaron. In addition to the scholarship, each recipient received a MacBook Air and a backpack to help prepare them for college.

We had the opportunity to sit down with these amazing young scholars who are ready to enter the next stage of their education.

Meet Abraham 

Abraham has been a part of the Think Together program at Compton High School for the last two years. During his time in program, he was a student leader and helped recruit students to the program. Abraham has many accomplishments, including hosting executives from The Boeing Company for a school visit and being a tour guide for special events. Additionally, last fall he coordinated a Wellness Fair for Think Together’s annual Lights On Afterschool celebration.  

Abraham shared, “There’s not a day when I don’t look forward to coming to Think Together and spending all my time here. It’s a place that has always felt so welcoming and a place I could call a second home. I love the activities, the staff, and the rest of the students.” Abraham will attend the prestigious Jackson State University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance. He aspires to become a musician!

Learn more about Abraham by watching this video:

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Meet Liliana 

Liliana stumbled upon Think Together’s online flyer for West Valley High School’s Hack Club during the school’s lockdown in 2020. After attending the information meeting, Liliana found her place! Liliana shared, “Think Together was all about letting the students take charge and making the club what we wanted it to be; I was dumbfounded. I realized that what they were doing wasn’t something I have been involved with before, but I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

With the leadership skills Liliana established through Think Together’s afterschool program, she discovered her interest in STEM. Liliana will be attending the University of California, San Diego to study biomedical engineering. Her hope is to provide accessible medical equipment to underserved communities.

Learn more about Liliana by watching this video:

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Meet Aaron

It wasn’t until Aaron entered PUC Triumph Charter High School that he met site coordinator Rey, who handed him an application to sign up for Think Together. Since then, Aaron recounts that he kept coming back to Think Together for the resources, the comradery, the support from the staff, and the amazing clubs. Aaron shared, “There was a cooking club, hosted by coach Alex…coach Alex taught me the basics, such as how to crack an egg and how to make sushi.”

Aaron will proudly graduate as a straight A student because of the support from Think Together’s homework club. He has been accepted to many of colleges and universities, but Aaron hopes to attend his top choice, The University of Wisconsin. He plans to major in Aerospace Engineering, and ultimately receive a master’s degree one day.

Learn more about Aaron by watching this video:

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