Together We…Uplift Young Minds

In just two years, Alondra Felix has gone from finding her roots in education as a Program Leader to changing the odds for kids as a Site Program Manager at Math and Science College Prep High School (MSCP) in the LA Metro region. She finds inspiration in her students and the strong woman-led leadership team who provide daily mentorship and advice. Take a moment to learn more about Alondra!

What is your Think Together “why?” What inspired you to work at Think Together and what continues to inspire your work here. 

My why is the different students who I impact every week. It could be the 15-year-old student struggling with mental health issues who attends Think Together’s Eco Apparel program every Wednesday and Friday so she can create, laugh and connect with her Older Youth Leader (OYL). Or it’s the overlooked students who have created a safe space within themselves and with their OYLs while enjoying art, robotics and Dungeons and Dragons. And, of course, it’s the students who arrive at 7 a.m. on campus and are eager to share their stories from the weekend or the night before. Every day I am inspired by the stories I hear, the students I have seen grow, and the safe spaces we provide. Every student I work with at MSCP is just a testament to the idea that I am on the right path. I know that as the years continue, my why will continue to grow.

March celebrates Women’s History Month. What does it mean to you to be a female leader in the education field? 

It’s great! I love being able to be an example for young women who are looking to go into this field. 

Is there a student story that has stuck with you?

There was a junior who told me that he didn’t plan on attending college because his father told him he wouldn’t pay for his schooling. Several things came to mind when I heard this information. One, what options can I present? Two, what information is being provided so our students are aware of the financial aid packages available from different colleges? Three, what was I going to do to help him? This story stuck with me because it’s a reminder that the way we provide important information to students can open doors for them. I was then able to help him apply to college and research options for financial aid. Now, he has received multiple college offers and has control over his own academic future. This student story serves as a reminder that my job goes beyond after school and we can give many students the right tools for their academic careers.

What is the best piece of advice you have received that you like to share with others?

To lead the way I would want to be led. The way we speak to people matters just as much as the way we support one another. Truly we must treat people the way we want to be treated. I take this advice to heart daily.

Women’s History Month shines a light on women’s success and untold stories. Are there any women that inspire you?

I work alongside so many women who inspire me every day. I was just reflecting earlier in the week how everyone (my General Manager, DPO, QAC and Site Assistant) are all such strong women. Additionally, all the lovely women I call my colleagues, the other Site Program Managers. I am so lucky to grow and work with them. My mother is also one of the most inspirational women to me. She has shown me what strength looks like and has been my biggest supporter throughout my life. I hope to make her as proud as she makes me.

What are the professional goals you are hoping to accomplish in 2024?

In 2024 I will be applying for my Master of Arts degree in educational foundations with a credential in pupil counseling. I am hoping to apply all that I have learned into my role with Think Together.

Outside of work, what do you do for fun?  

I enjoy a good self-care day! I try to squeeze them in as often as I can. Also, Disneyland visits … it has become a Sunday ritual for me and my four-year-old.