Together We…Lead with Positive Attitudes

Soledad Reyes has spent almost a decade with Think Together as a Program Leader. It has been a decade filled with student stories, overcoming obstacles, and changing the odds for kids. Soledad’s energetic and fun approach to learning is what makes her teaching so impactful. Take a moment to learn more about Soledad!

What is your Think Together “why?” What inspired you to work at Think Together and what continues to inspire your work here. 

The kids have always been my inspiration. Being able to receive their smiles and know I am helping them makes every day better. I am personally motivated by Think Together’s mission to change the odds for kids and the students’ success and happiness is the most important part to me.  I am thankful that Think Together has given me the opportunity to make a difference in the world and in my community.

What is one thing you are proud of your team accomplishing this school year? What were some challenges, and what were some successes?

One challenge was not having a School Site Coordinator and trying to work as a team as we navigated this tough obstacle. Although stressful, this situation helped my colleagues and me become closer and rely on our skills as Program Leaders. Thankfully, we were able to successfully kick off the new curriculum and have seen amazing results within our community, and especially with the students. It helps to know that through any hardships, we are still able to give students a great program.

What is a mantra, affirmation, or quote that has helped you over the years? Why?

The motto that I have always put into practice is to do the best of the best of the best! It may seem like a tongue twister, but it is a fun reminder to always put your best foot forward and lead with a positive attitude.

If you could go back to your very first day, what advice would you give yourself? Why?   

To not be afraid to try new things! I used to be super nervous about working with computers because I was not tech savvy. I used to think that computers and technology were just not for me. But working at Think Together has made me realize technology is meant to make my life easier and save me time so I can focus more on students.

Is there a student story or memory in general that sticks out to you? Why? 

The students who always come to mind are the ones who come to program without knowing English and six months later they can communicate in both their native language and English. These student stories stick with me because it means a lot to provide a safe space for students to come while they are navigating life in a new place. Our team works so hard to make sure every student gets the most out of our program and when they truly succeed it makes me feel that the effort we put in is worth it.

You have an energetic approach to learning with the students, what are some of your favorite songs or practices to help students learn?

It is so important to keep learning fun and energetic since students are full of life! Some of my favorite songs to help students learn are days of the week, color songs and the ABC song. These may seem like basic songs, but it is a fun way to get students excited for our next lesson or offer a way for students to leave behind their nerves and shyness. Learning goes beyond pen and paper!

Outside of work, what do you do for fun?  

I like to spend time with my grandchildren and go to the movies. You can find me doing arts and crafts to decorate my house or to give as gifts to my friends and family.