Together We…Grow

Stephanie Ayala is our recruiter for our LA Metro Region. Stephanie joined the Think Together family last year when Think Together acquired YPI. Since then, she has done an excellent job recruiting new staff members for her region. We are excited to share Stephanie’s story with you.​​​​

What is your “why” for working at Think Together? 
Growing up I always had resources like the ones Think Together provides. All I ever want to do is provide resources to communities like the one I grew up in. At the end of the day for me, it’s about hiring quality staff to support kids. Not many people realize how much of an impact our staff has on these children, my goal is always to provide those mentors for kids.

What has been your favorite memory so far? 
My favorite memory would have to be receiving the first Star Thinker award in my region. I felt overwhelmed, and grateful. I wasn’t even aware I was being seen that way by my co-workers. 

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2020? 
I would say reaching the one-year anniversary of joining Think Together with my colleagues who have become family throughout the years. The transition was so hard at first but seeing the growth and success from my team really motivated me to keep going. We all want the same thing, to support each other and our sites.

Tell us more about how LA Metro is a family.
I always refer to the LA Metro team as a family because a majority of the staff have been in their role for several years. In program, we have staff that began their careers as part time staff and eventually moved their way up to site coordinators and regional supervisors. In my HR team alone, we range from having been in our role for 4-13 years (yes… I said 13 years… WOW). And for many of us, it’s not only the work that drives us, but the people we work with. We share years of memories and experiences. We have built friendships beyond work.

What is one of your goals for 2021? 
A goal I set for myself in 2021, is to push myself. With personal growth , I want to focus on my professional development. My goal is to always want more and be 10 steps ahead.

As one of our recruiters, what is one reason someone should apply to join the LA Metro team? 
The kids. We only have a couple of hours every day with these kids, and even with the little time spent with them we help mold these kids for the future. Think Together really does give an opportunity of growth for not only the kids, but for its staff as well.

Thank you, Stephanie for your hard work in helping support Think Together’s work.