Think Together is Changing the Odds Through STEM!

Did you know that April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month? This month-long celebration was officially proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 to promote leaders in the STEM fields who use complex math to solve some of the world’s greatest mathematical problems. To commemorate this month, Think Together is celebrating two new STEM curriculum partnerships who work with our organization to provide students with enriching learning experiences.

One of those partners is STEM to the Future, which is a nonprofit organization with the mission to “inspire, motivate and support Black and brown elementary and middle school youth as they create the futures they want and deserve.” Think Together students are being introduced to STEM concepts while also thinking about real-world problems and opportunities that affect their local communities. Our third through fifth grade students have worked in small groups to build model communities where they assess environmental stability and social harmony.

“Research has shown that STEM Careers are at the forefront of innovation and offer substantially higher financial benefits and job security,” shared Think Together Director of Enrichment Programs Molly Stoeckel. “Programs like STEM to the Future are working with Think Together to revolutionize the landscape in education through curricular offerings that create spaces of dialogue and engagement with the sciences and technological realms.”

The other new STEM partnership Think Together welcomes, is Science Action Club (SAC) designed by the California Academy of Sciences. They create various science kits for students to learn about topics that range from weather, insects and bird species. Think Together’s fifth grade students are going to be working on SAC’s Cloud Quest kits, which focuses on the impact clouds have on weather and climate. Students will get the chance to design their own satellite in small groups and research the effect of different types of clouds and report their findings to NASA.

“Think Together is changing the odds for students in the extended learning space by partnering with thoughtful organizations who write well rounded curriculum and train our own curriculum team on how students learn best,” said Stoeckel. “It’s really about putting the needs of our students as learners and as curious members of our communities first.”

Think Together strives to provide California youth with expanded learning opportunities through these diverse partnerships. Together, we’re able to create bright futures and continue to change the odds for kids.