Our Volunteers

As a nonprofit organization, Think Together relies on volunteers to support our programs throughout California. From early learning to high school, there’s always an opportunity to make a difference. Our volunteers – whether high school students, college students, parents or working professionals – are all invested in giving back to their communities.

There’s Franchel, a father, grandfather and professional graphic artist. He recently returned to college to complete his degree and volunteered with Think Together as part of his work-study program. He loved bringing his creative energy to Think Together, teaching students the fundamentals of art and the importance of creativity. The best part for him? “Seeing how some of the kids did a 360 turn-around, work ethic, attitude, everything,” shares Franchel, “If I was part of that then I was glad I was able to do that.”

Or there’s Savanna, a sophomore student at Cal State Fullerton. Savanna volunteered at an elementary school four afternoons a week last summer. She loved her experience so much that she started recruiting her friends to volunteer and plans to work at Think Together after college. Savanna says, “Working with kids in a classroom setting and watching the program leaders – this is something I want to do!”

Cody didn’t have a great experience with school growing up. When he first got involved as a volunteer with Think Together, he didn’t know what he brought to the table. But after over three years of volunteering at an elementary school, Cody shares, “Now, I want to ensure that all students have active role models that encourage them to follow their passions and reach their full potential.”

To all of our volunteers, thank you. You change the odds for kids every day. Think Together is always looking for more passionate individuals like Franchel, Savanna and Cody who are willing to volunteer their time to work with kids. If you want to create a community where all kids are ready for college and career, visit our volunteer page for more info: click here