“I didn’t know I would be happy working with kids, I didn’t know this would be my passion.”

Before Courtney joined AmeriCorps, she was a server. Today, she’s one of the teachers at a Think Together State Preschool site. Every day, she loves coming to work and helping her students learn. Courtney’s next goal is to complete her bachelor’s degree and earn her teaching credential to work with kindergarteners or first graders.

Courtney’s journey began four years ago when she joined AmeriCorps and started working at a Think Together State Preschool site. “It gave me the opportunity to finish the classes I needed to take in school and drove me to want to work with kids and want to do this every day,” she says. Courtney said that Think Together was very patient, coaching and encouraging her throughout the process. She added that Think Together inspired her to stay with early learning after AmeriCorps.

This is her first year as a Think Together staff member, and she loves every moment of it. “I feel like there is so much that Think Together can still teach me. It’s an on-going process which I love,” she says. Courtney enjoys the constant learning that on the job, and she cannot wait to see where this path will lead her next!