High-Dosage Tutoring Takes the Lead at Think Together 

Think Together is continuing to change the odds for kids by implementing high-dosage tutoring in key districts in California to ensure students have the math and reading skills to succeed in school.

By aligning to grade-level standards, our high-dosage tutoring aims to accelerate student learning by as much as a year and a half for every four months that students are in the tutoring program. Think Together’s innovations and partnerships team works diligently to ensure our district partnerships and program curriculum are working hand-in-hand with students’ needs.

“There’s plenty of research that indicates when students only get remedial instruction, they’re never going to catch up,” said Think Together’s Senior Director of Program Innovations, Dianne Chaves. “So, one of the important things about our high-dosage tutoring is that it is aligned to grade level standards and it’s accelerating students towards standard mastery.”

With over 25 years of operational experience in partnership with schools, Think Together has the proven ability to set up successful and result-driven programs. We monitor student enrollment, attendance, and collect data of student progress, which is shared with our district partners, students’ families, and most importantly, with students themselves.

“The more that we set goals with students, share their results and celebrate their progress, the more that we find that students are motivated and inspired to continue to make gains and accelerate towards standards mastery,” Dianne said.

To provide continued support to our students, our program is accentuated with extensive specialized support for tutors that aligns with school partner goals. Think Together provides the training, curriculum, and ongoing support to best equip our tutors with the necessary skills to make significant impact towards student success.

Think Together is always working towards providing the most impactful programs for students and we are honored to partner with school districts to continue closing the opportunity gap.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about what Think Together’s high-dosage tutoring is all about.

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