From Good To Great- Meet Our 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Think Together’s $2000 Good to Great scholarships are given yearly to outstanding students who, through their hard work, have improved their grades and have ambitious aspirations for college and career. This year the scholarship was given to Abigail, Gabrielle, Marina, Isaac, Erik, Andrea and Kathya.

As they are gearing up for their first year at college, they’ll be meeting their college and career mentors who will support and guide them through the transition. Moving from the highly structured high school environment to the much more independent college experience can be a challenging obstacle for most freshmen. It’s Think Together’s hope that the mentors will give our scholarship recipients the encouragement and insight to make that transition as smooth as possible.

This year’s seven recipients will be attending an impressive lists of schools including University of California, Riverside, California State University, Long Beach, California State University, Los Angeles, California State University, Channel Islands, and University of La Verne.

These seniors were excited to be able to be back on campus after several years of remote or hybrid learning. Most of our scholarship recipients spoke about how the last few years have been incredibly isolating for them. But Think Together provided them with consistency and social interactions that kept them connected with their peers. 

“The pandemic secluded me from my peers, which has affected my quality of work and the time that I take to complete it. Think Together has given me the confidence to ask for help and reconnect with the people that I needed to be able to talk to during quarantine with social skills and time management skills,” shared Kathya.

Think Together’s high school programming is very different from our traditionally formatted elementary and middle school afterschool programming. High school programs are drop-in, with clubs, academic tutoring, and college and career support.

“Think Together has not only given me the resources of tutoring, but programs also that prepare me for the workforce, etc. It has become a place where I feel supported and welcomed,” said Marina. 

From helping with course credit recovery to college tours, scholarship application assistance, and internships through our Workforce Readiness Education Program (WREP); our high school students are equipped with resources as they look towards the future while also having time to hang out with their friends and participate in a custom-built program that fits the needs of their school campus.

Please join us in congratulating these seniors and their accomplishments and wish them well as they begin their first year of college this fall!