Creating Champions For Life With The LA84 Foundation 

Partners for more than 15 years, Think Together and the LA84 Foundation have served over 60,000 students with competitive middle school sports ranging from flag football to volleyball, soccer, and basketball. 

Think Together is excited to announce that the LA84 Foundation has awarded Think Together $250,000  for our middle school sports programs allowing more than 7,000 students at 88 schools to engage in sports.  

Through renewed grants from the LA84 Foundation, Think Together has expanded sports programs to all middle school program sites in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Palm Springs. 

Leaders within the organization have seen the impact our LA84 Foundation partnership has made on students like Angel. Athletic and Events Project Specialist Christopher Fernandez, who oversees the sports program at Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter School, shared that he sees the benefits first-hand.  

“In my role, from my experience, LA84 programs benefit students in LA Metro in many ways, both directly and indirectly. By providing access to sports, improving academic performance, and fostering community building and leadership development, these programs can significantly impact the lives of students in the region,” Christopher mentions. 

Think Together is grateful for the longstanding and generous partnership with the LA84 Foundation to bring high-level competitive team sports to the students we serve. 

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Meet Angel

Eighth-grader Angel, who has been with Think Together for two years and is a flag football and basketball team member, sat with us to share the goals and valuable lessons he has learned as a collaborator in competitive sports as part of the LA84 Foundation’s grant.  

What has been your highlight being in sports with LA 84? It would be just getting to know the people I surround myself with.  

So, Your Teammates? Yes, I am just getting to know my teammates and building connections and friendships, among other things. 

What lessons have you learned from playing team sports? Are there any valuable lessons you want to share with us? Patience is the key to success, and hard work pays off.  

Have you had any challenges you had to overcome being in sports? My anger. Like frustration. 

How do you feel like sports has helped you, you know, off the court, off the field? Has it benefited you in school or in your life? It gave me a goal to reach for, to maintain my grades, and to work hard to achieve my goals. It also helped me build my patience with others. 

Through the LA84 program, Angel has felt his confidence grow and has learned to manage his patience and work ethic. He is eager to continue his sports journey well into high school.