A bright future for high school students

Graduation season is exciting for all of us at Think Together, but it is even more exciting for the nine recipients of our Good to Great scholarship. This year, we were able to award nine $2,000 scholarships to incredibly deserving students. 

The senior year of high school is usually the highest point of an adolescent’s life. For the class of 2021, it has been a much different end to their journey before they make the leap into adulthood. This year has been filled with concerns about graduating, getting enough financial aid to have the college experience, while often helping to support their families. 

Many students have had to grow up much faster than they would have otherwise had to but likewise, these students have big goals and even bigger dreams to make a difference in the world. 

With graduation season underway, we spoke with many of our graduating seniors and while their stories are different, their strength and ambition shine through the barriers they have overcome. 

Think Together’s Good to Great scholarship is given yearly to outstanding students who, through their hard work, have the potential to be engaged adult leaders in their communities after graduation. Additionally, students who receive this scholarship receive a mentor who will help support and guide them through the first two years of college. 

This year’s recipients will be attending Columbia University, USC, UCLA, Cal State San Marcos, Vanguard University of Southern California, Rio Hondo College, Mt. San Jacinto College, and Southern New Hampshire University. If that is not impressive enough, these students want to pursue careers in Business Administration, Marketing, Psychology, Education, Criminal Investigation, and more.

 “I used to be a really shy person who wouldn’t put herself out there as much and I wouldn’t always want to talk or lead a group project or a presentation. Now I am the complete opposite. I tend to volunteer to take the lead roles in presentations. And not only that, I was also comfortable enough this year to make a video to advertise the program. To be 100% honest, Think Together really did change me into a whole new person and I couldn’t be prouder of that,” says one of the students. 

Think Together’s high school programming is very different from our more traditionally formatted elementary and middle school afterschool programming. 

From helping with credit recovery to college tours, scholarship application assistance, and internships through our Workforce Readiness Education Program (WREP), our high school students can feel supported as they look towards the future while also having time to hang out with their friends and participate in a custom-built program that fits the needs of their school campus.

​​​​Over the next several weeks, we will be featuring high school seniors on our social media channels and we want you to be part of that celebration! Be sure to be following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to not miss any of their inspirational stories!

These students are our future, and they are ready to make the future theirs while making a positive impact on the world.