Together We…Guide Students

Jhon Carro has been a part of the Think Together team for the last seven years and currently works as the site coordinator at Olive Middle School in San Gabriel Valley Region. Jhon has a big and enthusiastic heart when it comes to giving his students a space to not only succeed but to thrive. We are thrilled to give you an opportunity to get to know Jhon more.

Could you share with us your “why” for working at Think Together?
My “why” is that I believe that we have the power to guide our students on the right path not only academically but also as they grow into young adults.

How do you feel like you are changing the odds for kids?
It’s the little things that make me feel I change the odds for kids. From walking the campus and having students wave to me, telling me, “See you after school Mr. Jhon,” or a student telling me, “I brought my grades up, Mr. Jhon.” Also, I feel like I’m making a difference when I receive parent phone calls thanking me for helping their student bring up their grades.

Is there a student who has stuck with you all of this time? Why?
Yes, he’s now a senior in high school. When I met Leo, I remember it was very difficult for him to stay focused on his academics and playing sports at the same time. I was able to convince Leo to join Think Together and we helped him with his academics so that he can continue to play soccer for his club.

What is one of the pieces of advice you would give to a program leader who is just starting at your site?
Every student is different, and they learn differently. Be patient and turn your heart on when you are here at Think Together.

What really helped you be successful as a site coordinator?
To be present and be in the moment. As a site coordinator, we wear different hats which can get overwhelming at times. Realizing that I can only control how I react has helped me be in the moment and embrace whatever comes my way, whether it be admin or program related.

Outside of work, what do you do for fun?
Outside of Think Together, I am a Professional DJ. I also enjoy singing, eating and visiting new places with my wife and son.

What is one of the goals you want to accomplish in 2022? 
At work, to continue to change the odds for our students. Personally, to purchase a home.

Thank you, Jhon for being a strong role model and guide for students. You are changing the odds!