Your gift’s name is David

Your gift’s name is David

David is a program leader at one of our elementary school sites. Which means 3.5 hours a day, 5 days a week, he belongs to a classroom of kids whose passions and potential he has the opportunity to unlock. David is a role model and an advocate for the students and he shows up every day with the intention of making their world bigger and better.

When you give to THINK Together, you are giving the gift of David to our kids.

We employ over 2,000 program leaders just like David – they are our front-line providers, the hearts and hands of THINK Together. Many are simultaneously pursuing degrees in education with the intention of investing long-term in teaching. While we work to improve services to under-resourced kids, we’re also proud to play a role in raising up the next generation of teachers who will impact education in California in remarkable ways.

“Every year I work with THINK Together, my love for what I do gets bigger.”
-Juan, program leader

“My daughter gets exceptional tutoring from patient program leaders. She also has better self-esteem and focus in her classroom, and has made great improvements. I thank THINK Together.”
-Elena, parent

“My favorite thing about afterschool is Miss Kimberly.”
-Nadine, 1st grade

“I have noticed a transformation in my son’s behavior, work ethic, and social skills. Since starting the THINK Together program, he has maintained a high grade point average and completes all of his homework assignments. The leaders are doing an extraordinary job with these children.”
-Michael, parent

This holiday, we are humbly asking for your financial support of our program leaders. It’s a ground-level need and a direct investment in THINK Together’s mission to promote educational excellence and equity for all kids!