The THINK Together Difference

While there are many notable and successful programs that care for children in the afterschool environment, THINK Together’s academic and results-driven programs set us apart from others in the field.

Public/Private Funding Model

Because public funding requires a 33% match of in-kind and/or private revenue, we leverage that funding through partnerships with foundations, corporations and individuals.

These investments provide us with the resources necessary to enhance our Margins of Excellence, which in turn improves academic performance. This financial support enables us to continue development of our traditional extended learning time programs and provide full-time Site Coordinators at each of our sites, along with parttime Program Leaders who work directly with the students. We see this as key to the success of our programs.

Investment in Staff

Having a full-time site coordinator is essential in delivering high quality programs and advancing a seamless program model and strengthening partnerships with the school day. Because the site coordinators in partnership with the program leaders are responsible for the on-site implementation of all program elements, the coordinator’s individual skills and stability are the primary determinants of program quality and student outcomes.

Alignment with School Day

In order to align our curriculum with the scope and sequence of core day instruction, Site Coordinators meet on a regular basis with principals and teachers, and thus are equipped to respond to the specific needs and requests of the faculty and administration.

Results Driven

THINK Together has invested in both internal and external evaluation to help us understand and demonstrate the value of the support we provide our district partners. Extensive analysis is conducted annually for each of our programs on stakeholder satisfaction in addition to student performance on assessments for both participants and non-participants. Through regional evaluation teams, front-line staff are guided through a data-reflection process using both formative and summative data to inform program development and keep programs results-driven.

Experienced Leadership

THINK Together also hires veteran school district administrators as General Managers to oversee our regional offices. Each office has local recruiting and human resource departments as well as Quality Assurance Coaches. Each Quality Assurance Coach oversees 10-12 sites and provides necessary training and staff development to maintain a high quality of program. THINK Together supports our staff’s valuable contribution by providing curriculum, offering specialized training sessions, and hosting seminars to advance knowledge about successful programming, child development, and promoting positive relationships with youth. Our goal is to provide staff an optimistic and team-oriented culture where one can live the organization’s values.