As a Site Coordinator in our San Gabriel Valley Region, Jose Gonzalez has worked hard over the last six years to provide Think Together students a safe space to grow in the same community that he was brought up in. We are excited to share Jose’s story with you!

What brought you to Think Together?
The fun nature of Think Together itself is what brought me here. I used to hold another job at my school site and remember glancing over at Think Together doing their fun opening activities and thinking that it was something cool that I would love to be a part of. I decided to start volunteering at Think events and because of this was offered an opportunity to become a program leader there. The rest is history.

What is your “why”? Why Think Together, and why do you feel good about the work you do?
My “why” is providing our students a safe space to learn and grow. It feels awesome being able to provide this because I get to do it in the same community that I was brought up in.

What have you been doing to support distance learning?
Our district site leads began hosting distance learning programs for our communities back in May. Our region also assisted with Azusa’s summer meal distribution. I was also part of a team of site leads that facilitated training for fall distance learning within our region. Currently, I am taking part of the “all hands on deck” support for the LA Metro region and filming fun video lessons.
What is one of the goals you want your students to achieve this school year?
I want my students to use their current environment to their maximum potential and use it to get closer to their personal goals or career choices. Hopefully, they have fun along the way.
What are your personal goals and what’s next for you?
I would love to dive into more music ventures. Being able to play with Anthony and Katie for “The 4th Agreement” is fun and has made me want to dig deeper into the world of songwriting and performance. Also, as an avid hiker, I would love to complete the “6 pack Challenge” and climb the 6 tallest peaks in Southern California. As for Think Together, I would love to continue building future leaders and creating the most fun program I can for these students.

Jose, thank you for working hard to help keep our students engaged and learning even at a distance!