High School Expanded Learning

High schools across the county are struggling to properly prepare students for college and the workforce.  We believe it is imperative for communities to partner with schools to provide additional supports.

Using evidence-based practices, the THINK Together for Teens (T3) high school program is designed to respond to the unique needs and strengths identified by students, teachers and administrators.

Our overall goal is to support college and career-ready students by helping them meet state standards in core academic subjects, meet all graduation requirements, and expose them to relevant 21st Century Learning Skills.  Although the activities schedule varies by school, all T3 programs incorporate academic and enrichment components, a nutritional snack and opportunities for traditional and non-traditional physical activities including intramural sports and dance, and utilize school fitness centers and weightlifting facilities.

THINK Together forged a new partnership in 2010-11 with the j.k. livin foundation. The foundation, started by actor Matthew McConaughey and his life partner Camila Alves, is helping to expand THINK Together’s wellness and fitness curriculum in its high school programs.

Students enrolled in the THINK Together high school program are six times more likely to graduate from high school than their peers. Our high school programs are voluntary and consistently draw more than 120 students daily.

High School Expanded Learning Curriculum

Academics: Key components include a structured Homework Center open to all students but tailored to specific needs (e.g. Algebra) as identified by school faculty; Tutoring on specific subjects to provide one-on-one targeted intervention; CAHSEE Preparation Classes; College Readiness Workshops to help students and their parents navigate the college admission process; and Credit Recovery classes for elective, required graduation and A-G required subject credits. Direct instruction, digital instruction, and blended instruction methods are used to deliver curriculum.

Enrichment: T3 also provides a broad array of enrichment activities which may include career technical education, job readiness, leadership development, and service learning. T3 facilitates a youth development approach in which the students drive the design and implementation of enrichment activities based upon their prioritized interests ranging from arts, dance and DJ classes to technical education classes such as auto shop and digital media programs (movie making, web design, graphics projects).  Additionally, students develop 21st Century Learning Skills by participating in project based learning activities that reflect the “3 Rs of Afterschool:” Relationships, Rigor and Relevance.  Students may also select, design and implement community service and/or service learning projects that are of interest to them.

Wellness: T3 complies with California After School Physical Activity Guidelines by creating a physical activity culture that fosters youth development; implementing physical activity policies; evaluating physical activity; encouraging students to participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day; and ensuring that all students, regardless of ability level, are included in afterschool physical activity.