THINK Together Shalimar Learning Center

THINK Together offers a number of programs designed to benefit students living in the communities surrounding our sites.

At our Community Sites, trained volunteers work closely with individual students to provide homework assistance and the academic support needed to succeed in the classroom. These programs focus on English, reading, math and computer literacy. Students also participate in a number of enrichment activities that promote character development and social responsibility.

Our first community site, the Shalimar Learning Center in Costa Mesa, became a catalyst for change in the entire neighborhood. The city redoubled its policing efforts to help reduce crime on Shalimar Drive. Code Enforcement began efforts to clean up the apartments. An apartment complex was razed and in its place a pocket park was established. In the process, a neighborhood was transformed.

As a result of the program’s combination of academic support and adult mentors, more than 200 THINK Together Shalimar students have gone on to college. In addition, more than 50 have now graduated, all of them the first in their families to earn a college degree. For the last five years, 100% of the Shalimar seniors have graduated and enrolled in college.

At our Community Sites, THINK Together currently serves roughly 250 children and youth in a high-dosage tutoring program. Approximately 500 parents also have opportunities for learning through parent education classes.