Stakeholder Feedback

Over the last 5 years, THINK has collected tens of thousands of surveys from its stakeholders, including district administration, principals, parents and students.

THINK has been intentional in using this feedback to inform program development efforts at both the site and organization-wide levels.  Feedback is embedded into data reflection meetings among all levels of staff and used to celebrate and replicate what is working and to set site-level work plan goals that will address any gaps and opportunities for growth.

District Liaisons

  • Over 89% of District Liaisons have indicated that they are satisfied or strongly satisfied on all of the following indicators: program organization, safety, alignment with district expectations, professionalism of staff and the quality of the academic components.

School Principals

  • 93% of school principals report there is a strong partnership between THINK Together and the school.
  • 89% of principals reported that THINK curriculum and  instruction reinforces concepts taught during the school day
  • Nearly one-third of principals report that they have a waiting list of interested students.


  • 89% of parents strongly believe that THINK Together helps their child do better in school
  • 86% of parents strongly believe that their child is more confident since coming to THINK Together


  • 89% of elementary and middle school students say that the program helps them do better in school.
  • 95% of elementary and middle school students say that the program is a safe place for them to be afterschool.
  • Nearly 2/3 of students report that the program has helped them learn how to do homework on their own.
  • Over 83% of High School participants reported a strong sense of belonging in the program, and that it was a place that they were listened to.
  • 94% of High School participants reported that the program was a comfortable place to hang out.