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Orange County Early Learning Center & Student Resource Hub

Orange County, California is home to 3 million residents, idyllic oceanfront towns, tourist attractions, a thriving arts scene, well-educated workers, and a thriving business economy. With a nearly perfect climate, the OC attracts new residents every day looking for abundant outdoor recreation, manicured beaches, theme parks, iconic destinations, and the best of California living. Popular destinations within the county include Disneyland Resort just an hours’ drive south of Los Angeles and a couple hours’ drive north of San Diego. Residents and tourists also enjoy Knott’s Berry Farms, idyllic Laguna Beach, the shopping in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, the Anaheim Packing District, and the spectacular South Coast Plaza. Every town in Orange County has a unique charm and personality for new families.

Orange County is also the place for quality education with several big name colleges including Chapman University, California State University Fullerton, University of California Irvine, and more private and public institutions. Think Together provides nationally-recognized after school programs, early learning, enrichment, and school improvement programs to hundreds of schools across Orange County and other regions of California. This organization was created to serve each community to ensure that every kid gets a great education to prepare them for college and career. Learn more about their programming options and how to become a school or district partner.

Orange County After School Programs

Think Together provides after school programs in Orange County that include meaningful academic and enrichment activities designed for K-12 students. These after school programs not only provide help with school performance, behavior, and school attendance, but they also provide working families a place to keep kids safe. The after school programming includes curriculum focused on English Language Arts, Math, STEM, Youth Development, and Arts & Enrichment. Think Together has already provided expanded learning after school to over 60,000 students across 8 counties in California.

These programs help close the achievement gap for students by focusing on academic support, social and emotional learning, and preparation for the future. 90% of middle schoolers enrolled in Think Together are confident that college is an option for them.

Orange County Early Learning Program

Think Together also starts at the very beginning to provide important early learning resources for Orange County. Students that show up to kindergarten more prepared are more likely to read at grade-level by 3rd grade and continue to succeed. Think Together provides Early Literacy and Math programs designed to provide foundational instruction in literacy, vocabulary, and math schools. This Orange County Early Learning Center  works closely with families to foster a love of learning and equip both parents and students. According to the numbers, 94% of Think Together students met or exceeded standards in writing their name. After the early learning programs, Think Together preschool students showed marked improvement on early math skills.

Orange County School Readiness Program

Think Together also provides important school readiness programs in Orange County for students near the end of their public education journey. This includes tutoring for high school students to help them succeed in their classes. Think Together also provides college and career preparation to help high schoolers prepare for their future. Their advisors will work with students on college applications, essay writing, and scholarship funding. They will also be exposed to different kinds of career paths through panel presentations, field trips, and internships.

As of 2020, 1,500 Think Together students completed the Workforce Employability Skills Workshop and they helped over 450 high school students find internships.

Orange County Summer Learning Program

Many students will deal with “summer learning loss” over the school holidays. Think Together offers summer learning programs for Orange County to support students for their upcoming academic year through academic instruction in a fun environment. Students will also participate in enrichment activities and field trips over the summer. The program includes games, physical activities, STEM-based learning challenges,  and the chance to develop English and math skills in more creative environments.

Orange County Student Support Services

Think Together also provides a wide array of unique student support services for Orange County. Depending on the school district, they will identify some of the biggest needs and design programs to help students succeed. Think Together provides STEM Academies focused on robotics, engineering, food science, and earthquakes. They also provide teacher release time where teachers participate in professional development while students participate in the physical education program with Think Together Leaders. Another support service provided is the competitive sports programs from Think Together that help students build active lifestyles and learn important lessons. Think Together also provides one-on-one tutoring and intervention services.

Orange County School Improvement Program

Orenda Education has been a Think Together affiliate since 2014. The group of highly-experienced educational consultants bring about change by partnering with school districts to identify research-based solutions to close the Achievement Gap. Think Together partners with Orenda to dramatically improve student outcomes, creating more opportunities for college and career. Orenda Education produced a 20-30% increase in curriculum standards, graduation rates, college readiness over three year engagement in California districts. For more information please go to

Get Involved with Think Together in Orange County

There are many ways to join our efforts in changing the odds for kids throughout Orange County. Those in the community passionate about equipping students with the tools they need to succeed can donate, volunteer, provide feedback, or spread the word about these early learning, after school, summer, and expanded learning programs.

Orange County Early Learning & Student Support Center – Become a Partner

Think Together has already served over 200,000 students from San Diego to San Francisco to change the odds for kids. If your school or district in Orange County would like access to these nationally-recognized expanded learning programs and school improvement, contact Think Together now.