More than 300 Anteaters descend on 48 of THINK Together’s programs in Orange County

More than 300 Anteaters descend on 48 of THINK Together’s programs in Orange County

UCI cover picOn Wednesday, Sept. 25, as part of University of California, Irvine (UCI)’s Welcome Week, over 300 students participated in the school’s “UC I Give Back” day of philanthropy by volunteering and mentoring in 47 elementary and middle school in Santa Ana and Tustin’s extended learning time programs managed by THINK Together.


The day of philanthropy began at UCI’s Aldrich Park, where students were greeted by the university’s Associated Students’ Executive Cabinet members.  After filling 13 buses, UCI volunteers were taken to THINK Together managed programs located on school campuses in the Santa Ana and Tustin Unified School District. Once on site, UCI volunteers were assigned to classrooms to work directly with the students on different subjects including the often frightening, math.  Some sites took advantage of having college students in the classroom by having a Q&A session that gave the middle school students an opportunity to inquire about ways to manage college life.


“UCI has been one of THINK Together’s most significant partners over the past 15 years,” said Tom Linnert, Director of Volunteer Development at THINK Together. “Students from UCI demonstrate the value of education to our students in both practical and personal ways. It was a real joy to see UCI and program students share such a fun day.


Volunteers are critical to the success of our students. UCI volunteers come from such diverse backgrounds and entering various fields that they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our young students, enriching their lives and broadening their horizons.


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