Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Today is a day to celebrate the Indigenous Peoples who have called this continent home and take the time as a nation to learn more about their history.

Talking about different cultures with your kids is a phenomenal way to be a part of their social and emotional development. Plus, being an active part of your child’s learning helps set them up for success.

One way to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day today is to take the time to learn about the tribes that lived here first like the Navajo, Cherokee, Sioux and more. There is a lot to learn, with each tribe having its own unique history and culture.

Q: What is the difference between “American Indian,” “Native American,” “First Nations,” and “indigenous people”? Which one should I use?
A: If you know someone’s tribe, it is always best to refer to them by that. If you don’t know, you can use Native American, First Nations or Indigenous Peoples.

Q: What tribes live in Southern California?
A: There are 12 tribes in Southern California. They are the Cahuilla, Kumeyaay, Chumash People, Cupeño, Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, Tataviam, Modoc people, Coast Miwok, Salian, Kitanemuk, Patwin and the Round Valley Indian Tribes of the Round Valley Reservation.

Q: What type of houses did Native Americans live in?
A: Different tribes lived in different types of houses. They lived in Wigwams, Longhouses, Tepees, Grass Houses, Wattle and daub houses, Chickees, Adobe, Earthen, Plankhouses, Igloos and more depending on the climate where they lived.

Now, Native Americans live all across the U.S. with many living on Reservations.

Take the time with you kids to learn more by watching this video!

Stay current on our state’s work to educate students on the important topic of Indigenous Peoples by watching this informational lecture hosted by the California Department of Education.