Gabi’s Dreams

Following in her family’s footsteps, 6th grader Gabi is thrilled to join her older brother and sister as a Think student with dreams of becoming a schoolteacher.

Several years ago, Gabi’s older brother, David, was selected as Think’s Brightest Star – an award given to the student who most exemplifies the program’s values of community, excellence and caring. Cynthia, Gabi’s sister, and David both loved their afterschool experiences and now regularly volunteer. David plans to go into the military and Cynthia wants to be an artist. Gabi is proud of her siblings and enjoys spending time with them in Think’s afterschool program.

Gabi desires to be a fifth grade teacher so she can help kids prepare for middle school. Recognizing the role Think staff has had with her transition into middle school, she says, “Think Together staff make everyone feel equal. We are all the same and no one is above or below anybody else.” Gabi is receiving the necessary support to successfully acclimate to the tumultuous season that can be middle school.

Gabi’s favorite afterschool clubs are dance and keyboard – she’s an artist like her sister. Discussing Circle Up, her favorite Think activity, she shares, “We get to talk about how our day went, how to improve, and how to recognize and praise other kids.” Today, Think Together recognizes you, Gabi. Your future is bright! Think is honored to empower you towards pursuing your dreams of becoming a teacher.

Dream on, Gabi!

Little schoolgirl smiling at camera