Evelyn and Angel

Meet Evelyn and Angel.

Evelyn is in fourth grade and has participated in the Think Together program for the past two years. Angel is in third grade – his mom signed him up for Think Together as soon as he entered elementary school. They joined Think Together because they needed additional homework support. And now they’re passing all their classes and becoming coding experts.

Evelyn’s favorite part about coding is learning how to debug code. She even practices coding every day at home after Think Together. Angel’s favorite coding activity is programming a football player to run from one side of the field to the other. He shares, “Coding helps me improve my reading, I’m learning how to read directions to move players.”

When asked about their future dreams, Evelyn shares that she wants to be a scientist or an engineer. “Think Together helps me not give up on my dreams,” she says. Angel shares that he wants to be a football player – the coding activities must have something to do with that.