Employee Spotlight: Chenoa Jaramillo

Employee Spotlight: Chenoa Jaramillo

Chenoa Jaramillo is the Student and Family Literacy Coordinator for Los Angeles County North Office serving the Azusa Unified School District

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Chenoa grew up in the city of Azusa, making her a great fit for this position, since she has been a community member for quite a few years. Outside of work Chenoa enjoys spending time with her family, going to the movies, and watching her children play sports. They are a baseball/softball kind of family so she really enjoys watching her son play in his slow pitch games on Sunday nights. Chenoa’s daughter just started her first year at a local community college and is enjoying playing 3rd base for their softball team. 

You have a unique position; can you share what an average day looks like for you?

An average day for me includes starting my day at the West Covina office and communicating with Intervention staff (14 Team members over 7 sites), Community Outreach Liaisons’ (3 Team members over 3 sites), Site Coordinators, teachers, and principals. I also prepare any materials that Interventionists may need for the week.

After lunch, I visit sites to offer support, coaching, or to handle challenging situations. I am extremely thankful for the staff that I have. All of my team members are very professional, thoughtful, and caring.

In addition to an awesome Intervention staff, the Site Coordinators and Community Outreach Liaisons at each of the 7 sites always display a strong show of support for Intervention. The Intervention program could not run without them.

How did you view education when you where younger?

I viewed education as an exciting journey when I was younger. I was always involved in extra-curricular activities from elementary school on through high school, so education represented so much more than just attending class and studying for me. It encompassed hard work, long practice days for sports, ASB community service, and then home to study. My parents were always very involved with my education and contacted teachers, and coaches just to check in, or discuss a concern.

How do you view education now?

Today I view education from the lens of a teacher. I am always looking to see if curriculum is aligned with the standards and how to scaffold a lesson so it is accessible to all learners. The implementation of Common Core in our schools is a step in the right direction with explicit direct instruction. Common Core will assist in supporting student learning across all subject areas.

Who or what inspires you?

Former teachers’ inspired me as I went through elementary school. I remember their kindness and how they encouraged families to participate in all school activities. My family practically lived at our elementary school. As an adult, an amazing Special Day Class Teacher named Robin Kelleher inspired me to pursue a career in education. She was so patient with her students even in the most challenging of situations.

What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about education. I believe that ALL children should receive a quality education.

How does THINK Together’s mission and vision relate to your goals?

THINK Together’s mission and vision strongly relate to my goals. THINK’s mission is to provide high quality academically-oriented out of school programs. THINK’s vision is to help children reach their full potential and become productive members of the community. My goals align with that of THINK Together’s in every facet.

Is there a memorable moment that you would like to share in relation to your work here at THINK Together?

A memorable moment for me happened at Murray Elementary School in April. Interventionists, Jessica and Virginia, made goodie bags to pass out to their students at the end of their 6-week Intervention session. The children were ecstatic and their eyes lit up like it was Christmas in April. It’s amazing what one act of kindness can do for a child.

Why do you think it’s important for parents to be engaged with their child’s education?

It is critical that parents be engaged in their children’s education. When parents show their children that education is important the effects are truly powerful. Higher grades, higher test scores, higher graduation rates, increased motivation, and higher self-esteem are some of the positive effects of parental involvement in school.

When asking Chenoa if there is anything else she would like to add she replied, “I want to thank THINK Together’s Quality Assurance Coach Irene Bobadilla for being so supportive with Intervention and Community Outreach Liaison responsibilities. She always makes time to answer questions and show support when needed. I truly appreciate her.” 

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