Community Partner: LA84

“LA84 is the best thing about coming to school every day,” says eighth-grader Tristan. He is one of 5,000 middle school students benefitting from Think Together’s partnership with the LA84 Foundation. With the $142,000 grant for the 2017-2018 school year, we offered flag football, volleyball, basketball and soccer in 43 middle schools throughout Los Angeles and Riverside counties.

The LA84 Foundation, a legacy of the 1984 LA Olympic Games, transforms lives and communities through its support of youth sports programs. The foundation levels the playing field so that sports are accessible to all children, while elevating youth sports as an integral part of American life.

LA84 provides kids from low-income families the opportunity to play team sports. LaTonya Kuzak, Director of Programs and Operations for the Riverside Region, says, “I was at the soccer tournament and three of the players approached me and said that without the LA84 sports program, they wouldn’t be able to play because of the cost and all of the work that goes into families participating in organized sports.”

Sports also help students develop positive academic behaviors like organization, time management, and homework completion. Parent Frank Guzman shares, “It was great to see my son out there interacting with the other kids. He is new to this school – joining this team and making friends really helped him settle his nerves and start focusing more in the classroom.” With the support of LA84, kids are active outside of the classroom so they can be prepared to succeed in the classroom.