Career Opportunities


THINK Together is looking for good people. Take a look at the career opportunities below and contact us to learn how you can become a THINKer!

Program Leaders are part-time employees who make up 80% of THINK Together’s workforce. Working directly with students and their parents, Program Leaders are the face of THINK Together and they are crucial to our success. Launching your career as a Program Leader is a great place to begin your journey of service.

Site Coordinators are full-time employees who help Program Leaders deliver high-quality programs to benefit students and help close the achievement gap. Site Coordinators work closely with school site staff, including principals, to ensure that all of our kids are safe and prepared for college and career.

Site Facilitators  are full-time employees who lead our High School programs, working closely with school site staff, Site Coordinators and Older Youth Program Leaders to provide academic assistance, Credit Recovery classes, CAHSEE preparation, workforce development, and student-identified enrichment opportunities to high school youth.

Quality Assurance Coaches, also known as QAC’s, are lead staff to a number of schools sites. They coach and develop Site Coordinators, set direction, drive program quality, and hold themselves and staff accountable to our standards. QAC’s are connectors, ensuring coordination at all levels of the organization. Having at least two years of experience as a Site Coordinator or similar role is one qualifier to being a QAC.

Site Assistants are part-time employees who support our larger program sites, assisting Site Coordinators with administrative tasks so that the focus on remain on our kids.

Others Career Opportunities As a large-statewide organization, THINK Together employs administrative and management staff in a variety of disciplines ranging from finance to fundraising and volunteer management. Please check back often to see if we have openings that fit your skill set.